Let’s meet Kellie, a 47-year-old woman who had a serious accident in September 2021. She fell from a balcony on the third floor and suffered several injuries, including compression of her spinal cord in the T12-L1 region, a fracture in her left ankle, and a fracture in her right hand. Kellie had surgery to stabilize her spine (T11-L3), and her left ankle was reconstructed and fused. After her condition was stable, she was admitted to Riverfront Rehabilitation Center in November 2021. When Kellie first arrived, she needed a lot of help with bathing, dressing, and moving around. She couldn’t transfer herself from one place to another. Her upper body strength was at 3 out of 5 on the strength scale, and her lower body strength was at around 2.5 out of 5. But thanks to the dedicated team of occupational; and physical therapists, Kellie started making progress in just a few months. Through intensive therapy sessions and the Functional; Maintenance Program, Kellie worked hard and never gave up. She regained strength in her muscles, improved her mobility, and became more independent in taking care of herself. Whether she was with the occupational therapist or the physical therapist, or even when she was continuing her exercises on her own, Kelie showed determination and resilience in adapting to her new life with a spinal injury. Now, after 21 months of hard work, Kellie is ready to transition to an Independent Living Apartment. She can perform most of her self-care tasks on her own, move around in a wheelchair independently, walk about 200 feet using a rolling walker and special braces on her feet, go up and down stairs with some supervision, and even get up from the floor with some assistance. Kellie’s recovery has been truly incredible, and she has been an inspiration to everyone around her. Her Riverfront family will miss her greatly as she moves on to this new chapter in her life!

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