Subacute Rehab

A Fresh New Vision
of Rehab Care

We know that you want to get back to your home and life as quickly as possible, which is why we’ve designed a patient-centered program that will help you get the most out of your rehabilitation. Our skilled rehab team is dedicated to helping you regain the skills and confidence you need to live independently once again. We’ve built an exceptional team of medical, nursing and therapy professionals who will support you throughout your recovery process as you transition from hospital to home. 

With state-of-the-art rehab facilities and cutting-edge technology, we’ve helped patients recover from disease, stroke, surgery, trauma and chronic conditions that have impacted daily function and mobility. With focused rehabilitation centered around your unique needs we’ll reduce the risk of complications and hospital readmission and help you feel like yourself again. 

Our short-term residents enjoy the benefits of:

A dedicated
subacute unit

Physical, occupational and
speech therapies
7 days per week

A spacious
therapy gym

rehab equipment

Clinically sophisticated
nursing services

rehabilitation professionals

Individualized discharge planning,
Education and follow-up support

We customize our skilled nursing care to meet each patient’s unique situation. Upon admission, our medical specialists will create an individualized plan of care designed to optimize your functionality and health. 


Based on your input, we’ll set and monitor attainable goals for your physical, occupational and speech therapy. We keep you and your family constantly connected about your progress every step of the way, because from our point of view, family support, excellent care and the right environment all play a critical role in your recovery.

Ready to recover
in a tranquil setting
with the support of our caring,
medical professionals?

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